Friday, December 25, 2015

My cousin Wayne Akup's irau makaa' ngadan

Kallang Akup, son of the Late Akup and his family and relatives.

The soldiers parachuted in the plain of Bario and at Long Akah. They were led by Major Harrison, he was the leader of a guerrilla operation He trained the locals, the gentle peace loving Kelabits. He trained the locals including Akup, Kallang 's father. The Kelabits taught the soldiers jungle tracking and using the soundless fast blow pipe.
After training they went home to Lawas and Belawit(Indonesia side) They met the Japanese half way from Lawas to the Highlands. They ambushed the Japanese before they surrendered in 1945. The Japanese never made it to Bario.
Tom Harrison got a Timorese soldier to help him during the war. Kohuan, the first teacher in Bario and Tom started a school after the war. That was how the Kelabits were educated those days He is one generation before kallang.
The late Akup received the Pacific medal and King George Medal.

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