Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dr Henry Chan, Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) Malaysia head

When Henry was little, the family said he looked like Great Grand Father Mr. Chan Kwong Kuok. Ah Kung said he would do great things.

KUCHING: For Dr Henry Chan, Kuching is the seat of power.
The Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) Malaysia head of conservation for Sarawak zooms in on how the capital city has become home to many top decision-makers, from both government and private sectors.

Kang (centre) flanked by Chan (second left), Hon and staff members of WWF-Malaysia Sarawak office hold the flyers promoting the ‘Kuching For Me’ contest.

Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok 
 At 18, Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok was a Xiu Cai (an equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). He was the only Xiu Cai in the village. Unfortunately, because the family was poor, he could not pursue his further studies to the ultimate the Zhuangyuan(状元),Great-Grand Father was headhunted and offered the position of the “governor”, the head of this big company Kong Nan Seng Agricultural Co, in August, 1907. He led the second batch of Cantones, a group of bachelors, to Sibu. He was to lead a few more journeys, the 3rd where my grandfather came. This group including women and children.
Great Father co -founded a school for the children of immigrants. This school still exist.

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