Monday, September 28, 2015

Romusha: building the old airport.

During the Japanese occupation, The boys and men, even older men had to walk from Kwong Tung bar about 5 miles to town, and then another 5 to build the road to build Sibu airport.
The villagers tell of how much blood and sweat that was shred. The Japanese told the people they built the airport. In fact the airport was never completed.
Photo courtesy Martin Lo.

Jetie Ambin The airport, as such, may not have been fully completed but the Japanese fighter planes (Mitsubishi A6 "Zero" ?) were using it during the last days of the war. There was one damaged fighter on the other side of the runway that didn't get off.

  • Jetie Ambin Towards the end of WW2 the Japs had already stationed a few fighters there. The runway was then surfaced with small pebbles. It was bombed and there were bomb-holes, It was repaired by the British but I don,t know when it was put into operation. Further improved to include the airport wooden building. That was replaced by the building shown in this picture.


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